Low-Country Frittata

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and what a better way to celebrate than with breakfast in bed? I’m not even a mom and I would be down with someone bringing me a delicious and satisfying breakfast that I didn’t have to cook myself. Sadly, I did cook this fritatta myself… but I was also the only one in my house eating it, and let me just tell you, with all these flavors packed in, it was amazing.

Just in case you are considering not enjoying this in bed, this frittata would make an amazing brunch recipe for a large group. The 9×13 pan is enough to feed an army. If you only have three or four people around the breakfast table, I suggest halving this recipe and everyone will still be satisfied.





  1. Great feast! Though want to get a taste of this even when it’s not Mother’s Day, looks so good.

  2. I love how stuffed this frittata is! It’s got like everything in it! Looks delicious, Kita

  3. I am a mom and I can tell you that the only way I’ll get this amazing looking frittata in bed or otherwise is if I make it. It definitely has everything in it for someone to love though. Wow.

  4. Wow, I could eat that every morning! The addition of fresh herbs makes it extra special.

  5. Yup, I want someone to bring me a huge slice of that in bed too!!

  6. I love frittata. Such a great way to toss a lot of flavor into one big dish and cook. Your ingredients look delicious!

  7. This sounds so good! love the addition of sweet potato and andoille sausage, yum!

  8. This looks great! I would totally go with someone cooking this for me on Mother’s day…even though I’m not a mother haha.

  9. Who wouldn’t love to have this brought to them in bed?

  10. What a great breakfast! Hopefully hubby gets on bored with the making me breakfast thing this weekend. I might have to forward a few recipes for him to choose from :)

  11. Whoa! I think I’ll cook this just for myself and eat it all day long. Hope that’s not rude

  12. Shrimp and sausage for breakfast? I want!


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