Light and Healthy Homemade Spaghettios with Cheez-its

It’s 7:53 PM as I prep this post for your hungry eyes but all I can think about is sleep. Even though we have a bad movie waiting to be watched via Netflix and I should be getting pumped for zombie gore – I want my pillow in the worst way.

I rode 28 miles in 2 hours and 10 minutes today. So, I feel like I have an excuse for my insane fatigue. And then I hop over to this blog and feel like a total slacker. I’m ready for my pillow and all I did was ride today – these guys wake up, study, ride, work, ride, race, study and I’m pretty sure never sleep.

All I did was set my alarm clock for 7, wake up and ride today. Oh and eat. Lots and lots of food. And since all I can think about is my pillow, I’m just going to slide a bowl of this ‘light’ and ‘healthy’ soup in front of you (go ahead and blame the mountain biking on that happening). Enjoy!



And on that note…. I’m going to bed.


  1. The sentiments of this post sum up exactly why I don’t run unless being chased. Though, that said, I’d happily run for a bowl of these spaghettios!

  2. Cheez-its!!!!!!! You win.

  3. Did I read 28 miles? Good Lord! I would’ve died at the 3 mile mark. And I would much rather eat this deliciousness than collapse. Just sayin’. ;-)

  4. How much bread crumbs? I don’t see it on the list…

  5. I love making processed-food-favorites into homemade–it’s so much better that way!

  6. This recipe is confusing. There was no amount of breadcrumbs listed. I also didn’t see where it said to cook the meatballs. Are you cooking them the same length of time as the pasta?

  7. Well now I feel like a slacker too after you doing a 28 mile ride and seeing that other blog! All I did was some Insanity and a few hours at the rock gym, and I still wanted to go to sleep at 10 last night!

    Thanks for the spaghettios, I haven’t had a can of these in almost twenty years! So good.

  8. 28 miles AND homemade cheez-its? You’re my new hero.

  9. It seems like the days I haven’t done much are the days I feel the most tired. Not that you didn’t do much, you did a TON riding that far! I would not judge you if you had gone to bed.

  10. So super cute!! I love this – totally beats that sodium-filled store-bought version.

  11. So you’re that tired and yet you manage to throw together that amazing bowl of soup AND Cheez-its. I’m tired and made scrambled eggs. Huh. Go figure. You are my rock star.

  12. What? Homemade spaghettio’s! Sold. Girl, go get that pillow, because I have these gorgeous bowls brimming with a nostalgic past time to look at.

  13. Cool! Cool spaghettio’s, cool Cheez-its, cool photos, cool that you got this posted before heading to bed, and super-cool that you rode 28 miles.

  14. Spaghettio’s and Cheez-it’s and they are homemade! WOW! YUM! You SO DESERVE to hit your pillow! :D

  15. I love this! Totally going on my dinner menu.

  16. I don’t know why you’re talking like riding 28 miles isn’t a HUGE FRAGGIN DEAL! You totally deserved your pillow! I did 19 miles once and it nearly killed me so well done!

    And ever MORE well done for rocking out this pretty fantabulous spaghettios recipe. With cheez-its no less!

  17. Girl, you could kick my butt! I ran 6 miles yesterday, and was about to die! I need to get into biking, it is so popular around here. Plus 28 miles sounds so much cooler than the 3 I normally run :)
    My son love spaghetti o’s, I need to make this for him soon!

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