Lentil Sausage Soup. Wait, what’s a lentil?

As I have mentioned in the past, Pass the Sushi and my Two New a Week goal have really introduced me to some new and interesting things.

It has also introduced me to some pretty basic things as well. Like lentils. Going into today’s recipe, I had no idea what a lentil was or what it taste like. I didn’t google lentil or research what I was getting into. I grabbed a bag off at the market and set out to make supper.

At the dinner table, Handsome asked me what a lentil was. I politely told him I had know clue. When asked what the back up plan was, I replied that I didn’t have one.

Dinner was delicious.


Incase anyone reading this is as much of a newb as I can be at times, check out the Wiki page on lentils.



  1. Rich says

    Ha – well, I didn’t know what lentils were for the longest time, either! But it certainly looks like you’ve done them properly; wow.

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