Getting down home with Meaty Gumbo

ts so cold here today that there were ice crystals on the inside of the backdoor for a large portion of the day. Now, I’m not complaining, it’s winter – but it’s bloody cold. The only good thing about the winter is the food. Cold weather brings out the best in hearty soups, stews and (not great for my waistline) comfort foods. Can’t eat a pile of mac and cheese in the summer and not feel horrible about that bikini mocking you in the closet. In the winter, the hoodie easily hides the guilt.

I wasn’t raised in the south, but I should have been (at least I’d be warmer). My love of southern food is a bit ridiculous. I can’t turn down red beans and rice nor can I pass up an opportunity to make a mouth watering gumbo.


**That’s right, it says potato salad. This recipe came with a potato salad recipe to serve together and it wasn’t until I got home that I realized I’d forgotten the potatoes. Sadly, we went with rice.

Like all good things, this gumbo takes time. I like it better on day three then right out of the pot. The flavors have to get to know one another before the party really begins – and once it does, good luck putting down that spoon.

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    When it comes to cold weather (which I love!) I second your opinion on hearty and meaty stews, soups and gumbos. If you’re a fan of the ‘Narlins-style cooking, you should definitely whip up some etuffee…now *that’s* a recipe I’d gladly don a sweatshirt for! ^_^

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    Ice inside the window???? Awkk!!!!! Ok… I’m going to have to take back everything I told my husband yesterday about how cold I was. I guess I just need to put on a sweater (goodness… my dad told me that for years!!).
    LOVE this gumbo! My husband is a gumbo fan, and this one has all the ingredients that he loves. I’m eager to get this one to the table!
    I sure hope you warm up soon!!!


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