Crispy Baked Chicken Fingers For Two

Have you ever had a craving for food you were fond of as a child but grew out of? I can’t tell you how bad my craving for chicken fingers was. It was one of those no matter how good the meal in front of me was I still wanted little chicken fingers to dip in ketchup or barbecue sauce or something. Anything!

Sadly, the last time I had chicken nuggets at a fast food joint, my stomach was not so happy about it. >.< So, I was forced to make my own and it’s something I should do more often. I mean, who doesn’t love a fun dinner from time to time of tasty little tenders that have been baked to bite sized deliciousness? The adult part of me thinks dinner should be fancier and definitely not include ketchup, but it was immediately overruled by the 99% of me that is still a kid that was uber excited to have these for dinner. Chicken fingers! Finally! Craving satisfied, now I can go munch on a green vegetable or something. (Damn that blasted 1%).



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    I love chicken nuggets! It was definitely a childhood favorite. But I can’t have it at McDonalds because I swore off fast food! And I’m sure I’d get sick too from eating it out elsewhere. But I’m so glad I can make it at home now! If I start eating this every day and get fat, I’m totally blaming you :)

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