Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

It was the first few weeks of spring, and who am I kidding, pretty much any moment there after, that I found it really hard to muster up the patience to sit through a school day. The first half of the year isn’t so bad. You just would wake up and go. But once the world comes out of hibernation, I believe more than one imaginary tummy ache or sniffle kept me home from school. Anything really to just get away from the cold drab cinder block building faded from years of use and monotonous babble from the teachers counting down days to retirement.

We only had four classes a day, but they were 2 hours long, so every now and then we would miss one or two to venture out and enjoy the weather. We decided with the return of spring, and free Rita’s water ice that day was just going to be one of those days. I guess I should take this moment to mention leaving school property was a no no.

As we started to pull out of the parking lot, several cops came speeding in. I’m sure you can imagine the expression on our faces as we were sure we would be in big trouble. They stopped us, asked for our ID’s, and let us on our way…. So, being teenagers, we went and got ourselves some water ice. Someone had called in another threat or something and that being like the 16th one that year, everyone was growing a little weary of them.

When we came back, even more police cars were parked in front of our school. We were pretty certain that even though we had our cold treat we were doomed. We took another bite and walked towards the front of the school. A police officer stopped us and began questioning us about our whereabouts and such, because the water ice cups clearly labeled Rita’s in our hand weren’t enough of a explanation (Yes, we were walking back into the school with our snack. No point in wasting good water ice right?). As the assistant principle, who I was on a first name basis with, walked over to join our conversation, we knew were were in for it. I remember panicked glances darting between my accomplice and I as we practices telepathy on how we could possibly tone down our inevitable sentencing.

Can you imagine our shock when he started talking and we realized that we weren’t getting in trouble? That he was there covering our backs and getting us out of a bind. He even opened the doors for us and waved the cop off as if we did nothing wrong.

It’s memories like that, warm spring days, and the weeds overgrowing outside in my garden that are making the last of my cold weather posts harder and harder. I haven’t grown out of my want to ditch winter and run like mad into the spring.



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  1. says

    I was a school nerd, I guess. I rarely ever cut classes and the only reason I was on good terms with the vice principal was because I was his kids’ babysitter. I would say that we’ve left winter far behind, but they’ve just put out a frost warning for tonight, so it’s making one last gasp before going away for good. Your soup looks delicious, Kita. I love creamy soups.

  2. says

    It was nearly impossible to sneak out of school. I take it you had block scheduling? My highschool switched over to that my senior year and totally screwed up my schedule so I have 4 hours of nothing every 4 days. And I COULD NOT LEAVE. Sucked. Oh and you totally didn’t tell us why there were so many cops there! I assume it was a threat (we got tons of those too, very annoying).

  3. says

    That looks like one lovely soup! I love that is has wild rice in it! Definitely looks like a great treat to have on these spring days.

    Rita’s water ice, I haven’t had one of those in a while! When I was in Philly we used to go after school to get them. I always loved the lemon.

  4. says

    Colour me jealous! I was one of the boring good kids who never played hookie… mostly because the school would call home if you missed a class, and I had a mortal fear of my mother (who was 5″ shorter than me, but could outyell me on any given day). :)
    This soup sounds quite lovely, and reminds me a little of a packaged soup I used to eat often in university (when I was too broke and lazy to cook from scratch). Considering a blast of cold winter weather just showed up, it sounds like just the thing to make for dinner tonight!

  5. Zina says

    I’m guessing u add the rice to the soup at the end? It’s not in the directions unless I’m blind…lol

  6. flmntresses says

    Totally a hit! True comfort food. Mine ended up more like a stoup, but we prefer it that way, and it has wonderful flavors. I did cut the butter in half and will try with mushrooms added next time. Great recipe as it is. Thanks for sharing.

  7. says

    I love soup, and this soup looks absolutely delicious. The only thing I would do differently is to use chicken breasts, but it really is a wonderful recipe. I love chicken with wild rice and lemon, and this soup looks so full of flavor. Thanks for sharing!


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