Cream Cheese Marbled Brownies

It’s dark, late and your tired. As you pull into your driveway your headlights illuminate two yard gnomes sitting, patiently contemplating their next chess move. At first it startles you and then, as you get over the creepiness of your new visitors, you realize, you’ve been gnomed.


Have you heard of ‘gnoming‘? A customer of mine was telling me about it. It’s a game played amongst friends where you place gnomes surreptitiously for your friends to find. The only rule is that if you are called on your ‘gnoming’ you have to own it. Seriously, I want to go screw with people via gnomes now.



These are great brownies. I am itching to make some cupcakes but I am trying to wait for some supplies to come in (haha, so I can ruin some icing again).

Can you imagine the look on your friends face when they discover a gnome hidden in their mail box – in their bathroom medicine cabinet looking down at them – or returning home to find a gnome watching tv in your living room? Yes, creepy and I so wanna participate.

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  1. Tanya says

    These look so good, don’t know why I am torturing myself since I can’t eat anything like this till after the baby! But I am making my list of dessert I must have for then!

  2. says

    these look so good! And now I really want to go and gnome somebody LOL! I wonder how the guys at my husbands firehouse would react to that? I might have to have these brownies on hand if I get caught LOL!

  3. says

    Gnoming sounds like random good fun. And those brownies look sickeningly delicious. Like I have to bookmark this recipe.

    Pleased to find you via your feedback on my SITS day. Thanks a bunch!


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