Copycat Twix Bars

Not quite ready to give in and shove the flip flops back in the closet until next spring? Me neither! But that doesn’t mean I am not itching to pull out the plaid and rock me some autumn wares. So here’s to a little fall themed shopping I may or may not have done yesterday, hopes to cleaning out the closet, and the inevitable must of going back to my parents house and gathering the remainder of my shoes I left behind in the last move (followed by a serious inventory and probably a trip to Good Will).


Sweater Socks

Biker Style Jackets



Cable Knit Everything 


Right now I am content with hoodies and flip flops but give it a few more weeks and I wont be able to hold back!

Now on to some serious noms! (Seriously, these things are dangerous. Make them, eat one, then get them out of your house as quickly as possible before you give yourself diabetes.)

Now, go have a moment. And enjoy it.


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  1. Tanya C. says

    These look seriously dangerous! I could do some damage on these! I bought my first pumpkin decor of the year, and I am ready to say goodbye to the muggy weather and mosquitos! Hello fall: crisp mornings, jeans, walks up the road and pumpkin lattes!

  2. says

    I’ve always wanted to make homemade Twix! These look amazing. And I’m with you on the diabetes comment. That’s the only thing that holds me back from eating entire batches of warm and gooey brownies and cookies. “You’re gonna give yourself diabetes!” I tell myself. So sad. Wish I could just handle myself around them. :)

  3. says

    Homemade twix? You are my hero! I am going to make this and hand them over to Jason – he is going to be over the moon for these! And I’ll probably eat way too many of these and gain weight so I thank you in advance for that :)

  4. says

    it is COLD today, and I am wearing my first sweater of the season!! … with flip flops 😉

    I just made a twix bar for someone’s birthday, their favorite candy bar! yours sound and look FANTASTIC!

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