Chocolate Tart


Whats with the new trend of mean holiday commercials? Ones where you are being told you bought a horrible gift or being spiteful to your mother in law (“He drinks coffee now, Mom“). Is it really easier to sell then happy cozy ads? Don’t get me wrong, I get that most families are really like that, but showing me the worst in people doesn’t really make me want to get up and jingle my booty into your store. We have 40something days to go until Christmas, why start bringing out the nasty now? I’ll stick with the same old happy Pillsbury Dough Boy ad.

Speaking of the holidays (whew, get me off that rant), wouldn’t this tart be perfect at a get together?  This was featured last month in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, along with a bunch of other beautiful pies. The photograph showed a clean and attractive tart and the ingredient list caught my eye as simple and delicious.


How simple was that? No one will know that it was really only a few steps and it turns out lovely. My #1 tip (and laugh all you want as I was inexperienced enough to do this) don’t let plastic wrap come in contact with the tart. It will very quickly demolish your tart like Godzilla to old Japanese cities.

If you are like me and learned this the hard way, just quickly turn your oven back on to 325, quarter the filling recipe, get that back into motion and pour another thin layer on top. Baking again for about 15 minutes. I know, smooth, aren’t i? ;-)


  1. that tart looks like it took so much more effort than the recipe, love that

  2. This recipe looks amazing! I am going to have chocolate on the brain all day now.

  3. That looks so decadent and delicious. I usually make a chocolate pudding pie (aka white trash pie) but this really takes it up a notch or10! Great recipe!

  4. Hey!! Your chocolate tart looks just delicious!!


  5. This looks amazing! I put finely chopped rosemary in a millionaires shortbread once, really good with a little salt in the caramel, This photo just reminded me might have to do it again…

  6. Wowww this tart looks incredibly rich and delicious!

  7. That looks absolutely divine. I have been craving chocolate for last few days and this just makes my cravings so much worse….need to get some chocolate right now,lol

    Stopping by from Sits.

  8. Oh my! Looks wonderful – I’ll have two please! :)

  9. This looks incredible! I love your quick thinking to salvage the top. I’m glad you said that too, because that is just the type of thing I would do.

  10. Seriously, this looks divine and I want to make one.

  11. OMG!!!! this looks amazingly chocolatey!!!! i can just feel the pounds adhering to my hips!! boy do i love chocolate!

  12. oh my! add thing to the to-do list. yum!

  13. mmm the darkness of that tart is lovely. it looks so rich–bittersweet chocolate and heavy cream, can’t go wrong!

  14. Hi, I tried your recipe for thanksgiving after finding your site on Tastespotting!

    It was delicious, but in your recipe it said to bake for 15-20 minutes. I found that my tart was completely uncooked at that point, and took a full 35 minutes to fully set. Just an FYI.


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