Chipotle Apple Turkey Chili with Honey Cornbread

What could possibly take the place of this meat mavens love of all things flame kissed and charbroiled and boot my weekly grill recipe now that fall is officially here and baking season is upon us? (Man, I really hope that opening sentence got you as pumped as me). Well, think warm, comforting, and cozy. Think of thick blankets and bonfires. Think of the smell of roasted chicken, onions, potatoes and fresh bread filling the house.

Yeah, it’s time for soups and stews in the PtS kitchen. For every week of fall I am going to feature a delicious and hearty soup to warm those bones. I know some parts are still enveloped with warm temperatures and long days, but after the first sip of steamy broth, it wont matter. You will be melted away into the soft knits, warm sweaters  and snowy days. Yeah, we’re going there.

Even if it was over 90 degrees when I started cooking this chili to be prepared for you AND it was the day my air conditioner decided to bite the dust. Yes, I was sweaty and the house was hot, and chili was the furthest thing from a giant cold ice cube, but it was delicious.


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The flavor of this is wonderful. My husband loved it! I am a bit of a weenie when it comes to spicy heat so found it a bit too hot. Will make again however but will only put in 1 T of the puréed chilies in, at least to start.