Biscuits with Creamy Gravy & Sausage

A moment ago, I had the thought to hide the frivolous purchase of yet more ‘props’ I made before my man got home. It isn’t that I didn’t want him to know that I was spending money, I just don’t want to see the eye roll when he realizes there are two more plates to be meticulously piled into the cabinet. The second the thought passed through my head, I realized how ridiculous it was, however, I notice that a lot of my clients are on strict budgets managed by their significant others. I am not talking deadbeats who are gambling money away on magical variant covers that will someday be worth millions (they wont) while their bills are barely being paid and their children can’t afford new school clothes. I am talking about full grown well established people who’s bills are taken care of, families are well prepared for and significant others earn an income themselves. Some clients will often go as far as to spread out the payment types so that the other half doesn’t catch on. Once again, I sell comic books. Superman, Iron Man, entertainment that averages about $2.99 a pop. So if you by 5 or 6 you are spending under $20 a week on entertainment. That seems like a rather good value to me. I know what one night a bar costs me, a single manicure, or that new lady piece I was eyeing up at the money sink that is Victoria Secret. And here I have customers who have to sneak about spending $20 a week on comics?

Handsome and I have a great relationship when it comes to money. The bills are paid, the food is on the table and with whatever is left some goes into savings and the other we don’t ask each other about. If he wants new tires for the motorcycle, then poof, there are new tires. If I want yet another plate because I didn’t have one in orange yet, then there’s another plate. Now, if I was buying new plates every day and food was not being put on the table, I can see this being a problem, but I can’t imagine having to justify myself to him or me ever questioning what he spends on our occasional non-necessary. I understand that children put a whole new spin on the money situation, but I think the same rules should apply. I can’t remember a time when any one ever though to question my father on what he spent on his newest piece of fishing equipment. And why should they?

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    Haha, this is such an American meal – I didn’t grow up on it and I can’t quite make myself love it. My wife would be in love, though.

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    Biscuits and gravy is my favorite breakfast ever! I wanna make the black pepper biscuits for egg sandwiches too!

    I “hide” purchases from my husband. He doesn’t care, I just get embarrassed (wrong word maybe?) when I’ve bought yet another coral tank or sparkly nailpolish. Luckily my purchases usually fit in my purse so it’s not hard to hide. 😛 He’s forever telling me to go out and spend money on myself so I don’t know why I feel like I have to hide them.

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    Even without the sausage, biscuits and gravy are one of my all-time comfort foods! As for money, if both partners in the relationship are working, the Mr. and I favor a yours/mine/ours relationship. Each contributes an agreed upon amount to a joint account (for rent/mortgage, food, utilities, transportation, other household expenses)and the rest that they earn is theirs to do with as they please without having to hide it or explain it. That puts an end to arguments about money.

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    That’s such a good point. The problem I am in right now is that I owe my dad $3000 for a new transmission I got on my car a year ago because as a graduate student I don’t have more than $300 a month outside of rent, bills, gas and groceries. It’s been so hard trying to pay him back, and he makes no indication of being in a hurry for me to do so, but whenever I buy anything that I don’t really really need, I feel bad. Half the time I return it even though he lives 6 hours away and could never know haha.

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    Hi Kita,
    First time here and I absolutely love your pics and your site!You’re right, when it comes to money there should be an understanding between the partners to keep the peace!
    I love your patties and would love to try it with chicken or pork sausage and the biscuits look wonderful too.Perfect American meal :)

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    I have to laugh at this post! I hide stuff from my hubby all the time :) Mainly because I know he will give the eye roll, and I will be embarrassed about it! Money would be the only thing that we ever argue about so sometimes I just hide it, so we just don’t have to talk about it. He always knows though, so it is just stupid!

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    I must admit, I hide my blog prop buys from the hubby…only because he hates that I have a stock pile of dishes and napkins that are only used for pictures. Never eaten off of. I’m really thinking I need to move next door so that I can come over for breakfast.

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    Wow! Great looking brekkie (or dinner!) My sister and I joke that if you buy some new clothing, put it in your closet fo 2 weeks, when Hubby asks “is that new?” you can say “no, I just grabbed this from the closet!”

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    My husband’s only entertainment purchases are spent on his weekly trip to the comic shop. Bless his heart. He doesn’t like to spend money. I, on the other hand, need to learn from him, lol! I don’t have to sneak things, but if I buy something and then complain about money later, he gives me a bad look, haha!

    P.S. I’m coming for breakfast tomorrow!

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