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Bite-Size Cinnamon Pecan Twirls

Bite-Size Cinnamon Pecan Twirls

While driving home the other night after a few good miles on the bike, Handsome and I were both blinded what we were both certain was a mermaid standing in someones yard. There were sequins and glitter everywhere, so of course it had to be a merfolk and Aquaman was not too far behind. Then as we turned onto our street more garrish dresses and young women trying to walk through yards without sinking their heals in appeared.

That reminded me that while beboping around earlier that day a man on the radio said the average cost of prom was up to $1500…. I’m not sure what happened in the 10 years since I graduated but $1500? What the heck are these kids spending that kind of money on – and why are the parents even letting them? Prom should be a nice dress, a rented suite and an evening out. I can not fathom how that racks up to $1500. Clearly I am not from the area that skewed those statistics.

So what of it? How much did you shell out for prom? Parents, how much are you willing to let your kids spend?





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