Apple Pie Stuffed French Toast

Do you judge a market by it’s price tags? Do cheaper price tags and bottom dollar prices make a market less clean or not as good as the ones with the flashy price tags and eateries? My favorite market isn’t the most expensive one in town, but because of it’s location the client base is very wide which means I can find almost anything I am looking for on the shelves, and at prices that won’t make me cringe either. It isn’t always spotless, but with the volume of people they get, I can’t complain about the tidiness though I have never seen anything that would put me off from ever returning as well. To top it off, when they have sales, they have serious sales.

My only complaint about my cheap, local, well stocked market – the check out lines. O.M.G. I’m pretty sure there isn’t one quick or efficient cashier in the place. They can’t tell the difference between scallions and pears, let alone if the green leafy bundle is parsley or cilantro. They put the elderly man at the express check out, and where I may find him cute as the day is long, there is nothing express about any of his transactions. They don’t know how to bag, tossing anything and everything together, and there have been days when I have been rung out with out so much as a hello, good bye, or go F yourself. (This one happens to be a major pet peeve of mine, but maybe that’s because I work retail).

Does being a ‘cheaper’ market make the behavior of the check out staff ok or should I still expect a civilized transaction? Everyone has bad days, but when you work with the public isn’t it your job to at least say hello or ask for a store card. To be fair, every other department (deli, bakery, seafood) has exceptional customer service and I love chatting up the staff while I am there. I just happen to dread checking out.


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  1. says

    I actually go to a few different markets to get what I need… I go to Trader Joe’s to save money but then Pathmark to get things they don’t have… and then whole foods and costco too. scary!

    This french toast is really showing up this morning’s oatmeal.

  2. says

    This is part of the reason why I do self check out. Yes cleaner/neater stores are easier to shop through in a hurry when you are trying to find something, but no matter the state of the store, if the check out service is bad it just ruins it all and makes me want to go elsewhere. But as for this breakfast, I’ll be over tomorrow ready for my own plate.

  3. Vicki @ WITK says

    My boyfriend actually works with grocery stores and helps set prices on food. I can tell you that the better, bigger stores will tend to have lower prices because they have more buying power! I get the inside track on when and where sales are happening :)

    I love this French toast idea, it’s just amazing and delicious looking.

  4. says

    Perfect for Sunday brunch!
    And being a cheaper store NEVER justifies for ill trained cashiers or staff.. they are a major let down for any store!

  5. says

    I hate horrible customer service, worked in retail for years – huge pet peeve! Just because you work at a cheaper store, doesn’t mean you are necessarily getting paid less than the person at the more expensive store. So why should it be acceptable. Always blows my mind!

    Love the fresh toast – anything with apples is good with me!

  6. says

    I think everyone should at least get a “hello” or “have a nice day” – regardless of whether it’s sincere or not (although, it’s always great when it is!) – this French Toast will definitely be put into the brunch rotation – we’re going apple picking this weekend =)

  7. says

    Oh Kita, in my area all cashiers are so friendly, the little grocery store close to my house even knows our names.
    During our summer trip we went to Hilton Head and it was such a big difference in behavior. Almost none of the cashiers would say Hello, Good Day or something. Such a sad experience.
    As for your french toast, I wish this was my breakfast tomorrow.


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