Andes Creme de Menthe Chunk Cookies

Clearly my attention span rivals that of my cat because there was much more to yesterdays post that I completely forgot about until later in the day…

Yesterday, I joked about celebrating my 200th decline over at Foodgawker, but really I was just poking fun. I have long since gotten over the sting of yet another decline or the joy of accepts on the food p*rn sites. It used to excite me when I opened my email to a fresh accept, in anticipation for the boost in hits for the day, but I have noticed a pattern that happens to the best of us when we find that magic formula that gets our images approved. We start to take the same picture over and over again. The same plate, same light, same colors – clearly they work.

Then you take a step back and look at your site – and all your posts look exactly the same, no matter what the dish is. Sure, we are all guilty of gluing some wood together for a cute backgrounds but keeping our eye fresh for new angles, options, and styles in our photography will go much further in the long run for you then the same picture over and over. Some of your pictures wont get accept, some will, but if you are snapping pictures just to get on these sites, haven’t you already kind of lost the point? Don’t let anything but your passion run your blog. You will not be the next Top Chef, I am never going to be a Rachael Eay. But on this web space, I am the king of the castle and I’m going to do things my way.

Some of my worst pictures – I’m talking serious kitchen disasters – have gotten more genuine comments, and yes, even accepts on the food sites, then when I try to set up a boring square shot. Don’t be afraid to show different images. Remember, mom’s best dishes were probably not Southern Living worthy, but they were damned tasty and meant to be shared.


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    Very wise! :) I have pics of spur of the moment type dishes taken on my mobile phone getting into Top9 and I’m totally tickled pink! But it’s real, and down to earth type meals that I actually eat on that day, not something made just so I can put it on to win something …. not that I’m ever gonna be a millionaire doing this. Pfft.
    I’m enjoying looking at these cookies and not getting too bothered about that.

  2. says

    YES! I love this post….I just posted something very similar to this about people not giving up their blogs or their love of food because of haters. I agree with you Kita, who cares if you get accepted, if you love it…that is all that matters :-)

    Btdubs, your cookies look dangerous! I love anything that is mint flavored.


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