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Zesty Easy Lemon Pie Recipe

Zesty Easy Lemon Pie Recipe

This easy lemon pie recipe will cool you down and try to help you forget how hot and sticky humid is outside. It’s full of fresh lemons, and the graham cracker crust is perfect with it.

It’s been blazing hot here with no break for rain. The humidity is so thick you could slice it with a knife… So not my kind of weather. Heat I don’t mind. Humidity = ew. My garden is suffering hardcore. I’m sad to see everything turning shades of brown with all the work I put into it. Weeds apparently love long dry spells and lots of humidity because they are flourishing. My next garden will be made of weeds. Resilient isn’t even the word….

I realized I was missing prime pie season with all the great berries that are fresh at the moment. Then I remembered that neither of us would eat a berry pie of any sort. So, determined to make a pie this week, I grabbed a magazine.

Here’s an easy lemon pie recipe from the cover of this month’s Southern Living

Easy Lemon Pie Recipe \\


If only I could get my whipped cream to look like theirs.


I haven’t had the opportunity to slice this easy lemon pie open and give it a try yet, but I will update this post with my opinions on that when I do. I just wanted to get this up here.


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