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Tilapia with Black Bean and Avocado Relish

It’s all about moderation. At least I think so. At which point I should take the time to mention that I am not a nutritionist.

A friend of mine is taking great steps in to  getting himself back into shape and is trying to work on his diet. He got caught in the routine of working long hours and the convince of pre-made, pre-packaged foods fit into his schedule just fine. But that lifestyle can catch up with you and he has decided to stand up and make a change. I really admire his choice to change, but I acknowledge that it’s a hard fight.

So, back to my initial point, moderation. I believe that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle you don’t have to give up everything. I just think you have to be smart about things. Nachos and pizza aren’t gone for good, but they are also not an every night sort of dinner. Desserts fine and dandy, but do I think it follows every meal? No way!

What do you think? Is being healthy about giving it all up and being strict or is it about a fine balance of give and get?


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