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Open Face Tuna Melt for One

Being from a store where everyone knows your name (*see yesterdays post), it’s easy to forget sometimes, that when you are out in public, we have clients everywhere. While walking through the market, I get random waves and hello’s, sometimes even long conversations about so-ands-so’s kids or pets. Ordering pizza, a customer of mine may …

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Smørrebrød {Open Face Fish Sandwich}

Smørrebrød is a classic Danish dish, essentially an open faced fish sandwich. The spicy romelaude is a wonderful accent to the mild fish underneath. It’s time for another round of Secret Recipe Club, and this time I am kind of letting loose. It has been a few months since you have seen a Secret Recipe Club …

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Chocolate-Matcha Marble Cake and Lashgasm Mascara Review

Matcha-chocolate marble cake is moist, full of flavor, and brimming with bold green color. Delicious with a warm cup of tea or coffee. Today is brought to you by the color green, the letter O, and some mascara. But mostly the color green, as in chocolate-matcha marble cake. (That will teach me for photographing green …

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