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Cauliflower with Apples and Pecans

It’s October. People are tweeting about their excitement, sharing pics of pumpkin everything from that giant chain coffee shop, and are in general excitement over the arrival of fall…. I remember when fall used to be my favorite season. But, at the moment, it’s just messing with my mojo. Sure the leaves are beautiful and …

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Pork Tenderloin French Dips & Web Design

Let me introduce you to my secret: Silhouette Graphic, my side project and baby. A web/graphic design business for small businesses and bloggers. A few posts ago, I mentioned that I had something in the works that I had been holding out on telling you. Really, that was only partially true. Some people already knew, while …

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Lightened Up Three-Cheese Macaroni

Lightened up macaroni and cheese, with three types of cheese! The use of cauliflower keeps the calories in check. There isn’t a better comfort food to keep a hungry stomach happy. As a food blogger, I feel obligated to present my readers with a Thanksgiving assortment of classic recipes, modern twists, and delectable desserts. Problem is, I …

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