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Swiss Black Forest Cake

Swiss black forest cake is a beautiful showpiece for a dinner party, or for any reason you may want to make it.

Swiss Black Forest Cake // Recipe on PassTheSushi.comYou know what I look forward to most? Those nights when it’s just my man and I sitting in the basement watching bad movie, sneaking popcorn that I didn’t want from him and mocking one another for our taste in movies. Those nights are my favorites. As much as I love a random drive to the beach or a night out on the town the ones at home with no expectations really seal the deal for me. However, those nights meal smaller, not so complex meals and I miss the excuse to whip out my fancy spatulas.

My second favorite has to be the nights when we have company over. A few friends and a great meal. Good company around the fire pit, sticks and marshmallows in hand,  beer and good laughs all around. Those are the memories I dig. And what are those nights for besides showing off your mad skills in the kitchen. 😉

Swiss Black Forest Cake // Recipe on


Swiss Black Forest Cake // Recipe on

I loved making the Swiss black forest cake, and trying to sneak cherries into our house without Handsome noticing (#fail). My warning to anyone who wants to make this ahead of time is to not place the cherries on top until the last minute. Mine shriveled and stained the cake a bit in the fridge. I was still proud to serve it, but it didn’t have the wow factor it did a few hours before.

Swiss Black Forest Cake // Recipe on

Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot

Saturday 28th of January 2012

Isn't it just the most beautiful cake you've ever seen!? So glad you tried it because it's kind of time consuming, but totally impressive. Those lazy nights on the couch with my mister are my favourite too!


Wednesday 13th of July 2011

What a great cake! Love everything about it!

The Mom Chef ~ Taking on Magazines One Recipe at a Time

Tuesday 12th of July 2011

I love movie nights with Hubby too. Though we have the same taste in movies so I have to find other things to tease him about. :) Your black forest cake is absolutely amazing. I'll be the company you want to have over if you'd like! Any day.

Heidi @ Food Doodles

Monday 11th of July 2011

Wow that looks incredible! It looks so fancy and I love black forest cake. Yum!

Ana Helena Campbell

Monday 11th of July 2011

What a fantastic presentation. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.