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Swiss Black Forest Cake

Swiss black forest cake is a beautiful showpiece for a dinner party, or for any reason you may want to make it.

Swiss Black Forest Cake // Recipe on PassTheSushi.comYou know what I look forward to most? Those nights when it’s just my man and I sitting in the basement watching bad movie, sneaking popcorn that I didn’t want from him and mocking one another for our taste in movies. Those nights are my favorites. As much as I love a random drive to the beach or a night out on the town the ones at home with no expectations really seal the deal for me. However, those nights meal smaller, not so complex meals and I miss the excuse to whip out my fancy spatulas.

My second favorite has to be the nights when we have company over. A few friends and a great meal. Good company around the fire pit, sticks and marshmallows in hand,  beer and good laughs all around. Those are the memories I dig. And what are those nights for besides showing off your mad skills in the kitchen. 😉

Swiss Black Forest Cake // Recipe on


Swiss Black Forest Cake // Recipe on

I loved making the Swiss black forest cake, and trying to sneak cherries into our house without Handsome noticing (#fail). My warning to anyone who wants to make this ahead of time is to not place the cherries on top until the last minute. Mine shriveled and stained the cake a bit in the fridge. I was still proud to serve it, but it didn’t have the wow factor it did a few hours before.

Swiss Black Forest Cake // Recipe on

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