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  1. Kate @ Diethood.com says

    Look at that yummy steak – cooked to a perfection!
    I use my slow cooker about 3-4 times a year…I don’t use it as often as I should. I actually am about to do a post on a delicious Coq Au Vin that I did in the slow cooker – it was so freakin’ goooood! 🙂

  2. ping says

    This looks great! Tummy rumbling now. I love my slow cooker too, don’t know how I could’ve lived without it before. It’s my best friend next to my food processor 😀

  3. bertaiam says

    I use my slow cooker even in the summer — I plug it in out in the garage so it doesn’t heat up the house. Come home to a cool house and a cooked dinner!

  4. Michelle England says

    I am soooo upset and very confused by this recipe. I wanted to surprise my honey by making him this on a Sunday football game day. I ran out and bought all the items before work to throw and the crockpot for him. I had my london broil sliced by the butcher and bought all the ingredients that was said needed for this that I didn’t have. It cost 40 dollars. I went home and started following step by step. This is all it tells me to do is cout the bell pepper and onion up put in bottom then season meat with salt and pepper snd put over the veggies…then whisk the beef broth and red pepper flakes and pour over meat and cook for 4 hours??? Where is the rest of the ingredients to be used in this I bought???? Like the onion salt, tabasco sauce, the worchester, the A 1 sauce??? And others??? What am I missing and not seeing??

    • Kita says

      Hi Michelle, Sorry for the confusion. You want to whisk all of the ingredients listed from the broth through the pepper flakes (the Tobasco, steak sauce, Worcestershire, etc.) together and pour over the steak in the slow cooker before allowing it to cook for 4 hours. Hope this helps!

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