Pardon my for a moment while my inner fat kid wakes up from a nap.

Today the BF and I took the motorcycle out for a drive and ended up at one of our new food favorites, Joe's Grog House in Port Deposit MD. The town of Port Deposit sits right on the water and has only one real road running directly through it. It doesn't look like much when passing through, but once you park and start to look around there are a few treasures to be found.

The Grog House is everything I dig in a restaurant. First and foremost, the food is good. I mean good. Stick to your ribs, add a few pounds, unbutton the pants kinda good. With a menu specializing in Tex-Mex and Cajun its a refreshing break from the mediocre seafood and steak places that seem to be on every corner.

Secondly, it has a great ambiance. The building has charm and personality. It looks as old as the original town with its huge stone walls and rustic wooden floors. The maximum seating capacity can't be more then 50 which keeps the atmosphere cozy. Name plates are screwed into the beautiful wooden bar where the regulars migrate and on the back of the menu an amusing story of the restaurants origin displays a laid back attitude and sense of humor.

What caught our attention was a chalk sign on the sidewalk outside of The Grog House doors advertising 20 hour smoked pit beef. Yeah, that got us. It's a huge (¾  lb) sandwich that comes right from the smoke set up out in front if you want to go take a peek.  And to say the price is a bargain isn't even coming close.

Don't believe me, go grab a pitcher and try for yourself.

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  1. *drool*
    That looks amazing!

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