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Chunky Twix Cookies Recipe

Chunky Twix cookies are a sweet treat that you’ll soon be dreaming about! Chewy cookies are stuffed with pieces of Twix candy bars. Everyone loves these cookies!
Chunky Twix Cookies Recipe \\

I am not bubbly. I’m happy and upbeat but it’s usually jeans and a t-shirt, rock music and a ‘she walks mean’ kind of tone about me (no, that is not self proclaimed – promise). I have never been a matchy happy pony tail crimper seven layers of makeup kind of girl.
I did once have the pleasure of sitting next to one every day in a design class in college once.
Every day.

She was so sweet and refreshing it hurt. Her hair bows matched her sunglasses that matched her shirt and so on down to her socks. I found her perpetual peachiness naive, but I never wanted to pop her perky bubble intentionally.
She did have the tendency to say really ignorant things all of the time (and I don’t mean that as rude, I mean that as ignorant).
The icing on the cake was the day she stood all perky and bouncy and asked the professor, “If you’re an Eskimo, does that make you Eskimonian?”

I laughed my ass off and explained it most likely made you Inuit or Yupik.  I really, really wish I could record the question and play it for you because right now, you are thinking I am so mean, but her delivery really made it funny. Promise. You would have laughed, too.
I often think of that happy, bouncy girl and hope that she is still exactly that way. There was something blissful about her that I almost wish I could have.

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Here’s to her perkiness, her unrelenting upbeat personality, and a chunky Twix cookie recipe that will make you smile.

Chunky Twix Cookies Recipe \\

These chunky Twix cookies were so good that I made them twice in one week.

See, I can be perky too. 😉

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Chunky Twix Cookies Recipe \\


Friday 18th of February 2011

Twix are one of my favorite candy bars. What a great idea of putting them in a cookie! They look amazing! Mmmmmmm.


Thursday 17th of February 2011

These look FABULOUS! Oh, yeah...I need to pick up some Twix!


Wednesday 16th of February 2011

I just had Snicker's muffins, and this would be nice thing to try - Twix cookies :)

Dulce Dough

Wednesday 16th of February 2011

I know someone just like the girl you sat next too! And yes, these cookies do make me smile! Yummy!


Tuesday 15th of February 2011

Who can ever be that perky every day. It sounds exhausting! Love your idea of using Twix in a cookie. Sounds wonderful!


Tuesday 15th of February 2011

Oh I wish I could claim this idea, but it originally came from Sprinkled with Flour. Thank you though :)