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Chocolate S’mores Parfait

Chocolate S'mores Parfait | Kita Roberts
4th of July rocked, even though the fire works were cancelled and the locals decided to make their own. Sending my dog into fits… We had a happy and safe forth doing the things we love, riding and cooking. We got to relax and enjoy ourselves and have our first real ‘day off’ in forever. Even on normal days off, there’s always a web client and a side project that needs to get done for Handsome. But today, we really took the day off.

Now if only I had remembered a little sun screen. 😉

Onto something to sink your summer spoons into. I’m still struggling to find a weekly theme, but I am really really leaning towards a frozen theme. A summer of ice cream doesn’t sound like a bad plan to me…

This parfait is not based in sugar and cream. No it’s made from the magic of marshmallows. Magical magical marshmallows. And because of that it has a texture all it’s own. Neither creamy or heavy like it’s other frosty cousin, ice cream, this dessert is light and airy. There’s something less sinful about a spoon full of chocolate when it doesn’t feel like it’s going right to your booty.

Chocolate S'mores Parfait | Kita Roberts


Chocolate S'mores Parfait | Kita Roberts Chocolate S'mores Parfait | Kita Roberts

Chocolate S'mores Parfait | Kita Roberts

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Nutmeg Nanny

Thursday 18th of July 2013

Oh goodness! This has my name all over it :) gotta have it now!