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Boston Cream Pie for Father’s Day

Boston cream pie is a dessert for dads everywhere.

I’m my father’s daughter. Sure I’m not as tan as him, my eyes aren’t blue, and we joke around that I’m not his, but there’s no denying it. I’m his. 100%. And I wouldn’t change that for the world.

My daddy is the world’s best daddy. He is Santa, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, and a man big enough to be a father every day of his life. We had our rough spots, but it’s all come out in the wash, and now I can’t even remember why we used to fight. Oh yes. I was a teenager once.

The other night, my parents and Goulda’s daddy were over, and my father noticed our outdoor furniture was wearing a little thin. Handsome and I had been looking at some new sets, but decided it could wait a little longer.  The next morning my parents pull up in the front yard – new patio set in hand. My birthday present, a few months early.

My life has been filled with moments like these. Little to big surprises, just because, and not just for me, but for anyone in my father’s life. Once you are a part of our family, there’s not much that man wouldn’t do for you. And once he has an idea in his head, good luck stopping him. It’s awesome to see how excited he gets and the changes he makes in the lives he effects. Come on over for a bbq someday and you’ll totally understand.

What would our Father’s Day #manfoodweek be without dessert?

And the only dessert that comes to mind when I think of my daddy is Boston Cream Pie.

I’m pretty sure it’s the only dessert that I’ve ever seen my dad eat. Well, except for those little mini eclairs you get in the refrigerated aisle. So, let’s roll up the sleeves and get to work on this Boston Cream Pie, because this recipe is a little long-winded. But if you break it down, it’s not really that much work.

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Boston Cream Pie \\ Recipe on

Boston Cream Pie \\ Recipe on

To the men in our lives. Enjoy this Boston cream pie, and happy Father’s Day. 🙂


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