I have not given Pass the Sushi the attention it needs and deserves. Poor lil blog. I have been working as lame as it seems, at my store a lot more, and devoting a lot of my internet time into creating sites for other people. Between designing sites, working full time, and having a wild and crazy life, I have been rather neglectful of my cooking blog.

I have been going out a lot lately. Hitting the town with my homeslices and having fun. One of my favorite places, that I do not get to go to nearly enough, is The Blue Parrot. The Blue Parrot is located on Union St in Wilmington. They specialize in (my favorite) Cajun cuisine. They have an extensive menu that covers a lot.

Personally,  I have only once made it off of the appetizer page. Really, for your moneys worth, you can order 5 or 6 crowd pleasing appetizers to share amongst your friends and get a world of variety in what Blue Parrot has to offer. The pierogies are their show stopper in my opinion. Pierogies? Really? Yes. Wonderful potatoes filled pierogies drowning in a white cream andouille sauce. It is a slice of heaven on earth. I’m pretty sure I have tried every appetizer on their menu, and the pierogies remain my strong favorite.

Hopefully I will get to visit the Blue Parrot again soon! For more information on them, check their website: Blue Parrot.

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