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Bacon Peanut Butter Cups

Bacon Peanut Butter Cups. Yes, you read that correctly. Awesome, wonderful, crispy, salty bacon is indeed hiding inside each and every one of these peanut butter cups.

Bacon Peanut Butter Cups recipe \\

They’re waiting to be devoured.

Judge me, but you know you want one.

I saw these little babies last week on Blog the New Black and ran to my refrigerator to make sure I was stocked in bacon. I had to make them as soon as possible (Yes, I’m American and I will add bacon to anything and I do solidly believe it makes it better). Normally, if I like a recipe it gets put in a file for me to try soon, or at some point. I tend to try to keep thing in some sort of order not letting any recipe bump any other off the schedule. Not this time. All plans went out the window and bacon peanut butter cups were recreated in my kitchen.

Bacon Peanut Butter Cups recipe \\

Make sure your bacon is crispy. It’s going to be mixed in with other soft ingredients so don’t let it get lost.

If you think you have too much bacon, you probably don’t. People expect bacon immediately when they bite into something called “bacon peanut butter cups” so don’t go soft on them. And personally, the darker the chocolate the better. Now, run to your fridge (if you even got this far) bake and destroy!

Bacon Peanut Butter Cups recipe \\

Laura Dembowski

Saturday 12th of July 2014

Omg! These are awesome! Gotta love peanut butter and bacon in dessert.


Sunday 20th of March 2011

Wow...what a delicious sounding combination! I can only imagine how wonderful the creamy pb and salty bacon are in these! Love the sea salt on top as well :)!

Kate @

Tuesday 8th of March 2011

Oh my deliciousness! I think you just took PB cups to a whole new, way better than ever level... wow!


Monday 7th of March 2011

That looks just amazing. I'm definitely bookmarking this recipe! Yum!


Monday 7th of March 2011

Bacon + PB + chocolate sounds heavenly! I made chocolate bacon cupcakes and ice cream last year but I never thought to add peanut butter. This is definitely getting bookmarked!