Weeknight Fettuccine with Sausage & Kale

Early sunsets are not good for a darned thing. With the sun setting at like noon, I’ve been acting like an old woman. Just feed me, give me my pills, and put me to bed to the tune of Jeopardy. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it certainly feels like it. I never knew I was a summer person until this year. I don’t want to cook as much, go out as much, certainly can’t take as many pictures, or drive after dark. (See, little. old. lady.)

The one thing cold dark nights are good for? Carbohydrates. Tons and tons of carbs. Just slather some butter on them and call it a day. So while I enjoy my cold weather low light carb binge, feel free to defend early sun sets and winter weather. :p



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    I like the whole “getting dark early” thing until after the holidays. Up until Christmas I love the cozy, holiday feeling of dark evenings lit up with warm fires and cozy nights watching movies. Once January hits I hate it. I’d be so much happier if Daylight Savings started up again in January. The sausage and kale pasta looks great– I did a similar thing using arugula a while back that was really good, too. A perfect wintry supper.

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    I never ate kale until last week, and yet I bought it all the time but for the rabbits. I need to get back into quick week night dinners like this since eating trader joe’s pasta salad (like last night) just isn’t gonna cut it all the time.


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