Pumpkin Pie Waffles


Going into this year’s Thanksgiving, take a step back and remember – no one’s perfect! We’ve all had our fair share of entertaining flops, but take a tip from Julia Child and roll with it. I recently ripped out an article in Rachael Ray magazine where Guy, Spike and a few others I’d never heard of share their Thanksgiving horror stories from dropping turkeys on the ground while almost setting the house on fire to completely forgetting to cook the thing! I knew a person who cooked the whole thing upside down, not knowing any better and it was the […]

Sunday Morning Waffles


Ever realize how important a simple garnish is? Where I don’t often garish our dinner plates in my own home, I expect when going out to a restaurant that there will be some type of presentation. It brings the dish together, can add color, and overall makes the final product look more professional.   We tried a new place that just opened last Wednesday, that I won’t name quite yet in hopes that on the second try they pull me in, the other night. It advertises a Cajun menu and a rock-and-roll themed atmosphere. The building has been a longstanding […]