Whiskey Pear Tart – the one thing you should probably make this fall

Whiskey Pear Tart from PasstheSushi.com

This weekend was killer. Handsome and I participated in Bike to the Bay for MS 2013. It was a 75 mile trek from Dover to the beeches of Delaware with the option to add an additional 25 to round out the trip to a full 100. I went into the day wanting to crush the 100, but heavy winds and a need for a bit more endurance training made the choice to finish out the 75 easier. Handsome however continued on with another friend he met along the way and they took turns through the last 25 pulling one another […]

Rustic Pear Tart with Saffron Pastry


  Let’s get real, have a little <3 to <3 shall we? My foodies, friends, and fellow bloggers, this one’s for you. Lately, things just haven’t been the same around here. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was a little down on the whole blog thing and couldn’t figure out why. I am certainly not tired of cooking. I still love snapping pics and getting better with my camera. And I’m always making plans for what to post next. But lately, I’m just not feeling the love. And after looking around and reading some other posts, I don’t […]

Spiced Pear Cake


Fall is finally here and it welcomed itself in to town with one hell of a storm last night. It’s 9 million degrees outside and doesn’t feel like fall at all – but woot! It’s finally here! I don’t think I have ever anticipated a season so much before. Its not so much the fact that its fall – its what that means. Fall means pumpkins, falling leaves, crisp nights, hearty foods and soon (haha – yes, this is where you can all mock me) Christmas!   Yep, it’s time for my holiday harvesting booty to be in full swing […]