Vanilla Chai Cupcakes


My lil girl kitten, Kiori, loves to counter cruise, which is not a behavior I condone. Leave a stick of butter out and she can’t help herself, up on the counter tops she goes to claim it as her own. She has calmed down a bit since our counters aren’t as spacious as out last living arrangements and I only really catch her up there once in a while (like this morning when two sticks of butter were coming to room temp – or when someone leaves pizza crust on a plate. Not pointing any fingers or anything).   The […]

Did I ever tell you I can make it rain cats?


Today’s blog breaks the Pass the Sushi rules. There’s no food – just ramblings from myself about the craziness that is my life. A few weeks ago my cats moved into my boyfriends house (which was a personal meltdown for another day as I generally don’t believe in living together). He (the bf) has a 70 lb lovable mutt. I have two 7lb adorable kittens. They have got to find some common ground. The dog gets jealous, herds the cats, and makes it very difficult to sit and cuddle with them, leaving me with gaping wounds from said scared kitten. […]