Not Your Same Old Green Bean Casserole


My family is one of those traditional ones as far as Thanksgiving goes. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes. I got a look as though I was questioning the existence of Santa when I suggested a cranberry sage stuffing as opposed to our very traditional (normal) stuffing. However, for fear of be voted out of the kitchen, I am bringing a new green bean casserole to Thanksgiving this year. I wasn’t asked to, and am risking exile to the porch with my new casserole – but I’m bringing it – because it’s that good.     Fresh crunchy green beans in a […]

I think I could be in love with Guy Fieri


Don’t worry, the BF knows it. Guy Fiere seems like the kind of guy who everyone wants to get to know. He’s real (if not he’s faking it really well). It doesn’t seem like fame has ruined his personality. He’s got charisma – Lord knows I’m a sucker for that. To top it all off it seems like he really loves his family. That pretty much seals the deal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that hot for him, burning flame lusty type love. It’s the I’d love to kick back and have a few drinks with him type of […]