I’ll deep fry anything, Lasagna Fritta.


Have I mentioned I got a deep fryer? That’s right, get your fat kid friendly recipe book ready because I’m frying anything I can get my hands on. Anything and everything. Now, my kitchen is filled with tons of things that I can’t imagine life before – but seriously – a deep fryer, how did I live without this? Did you know you could deep fry _____ or ___ _____? Oh yeah, it’s coming. I promise. In all it’s glory. It’s coming. What better to consummate this glorious new relationship then deep frying some of the most wonderful comfort food […]

Quick Dinner Fixins: Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup


Let’s just say my boyfriend and I aren’t conventional. I’m not exactly all about sharing everything that we are going through all of the time on the blog. My blog my tone. But from time to time, I just have to say, my man hits the nail right on the head. For Valentine’s day I was informed I was getting a gift that most people would consider horrible. Oh yeah, that made me panic. It also filled me with excitement as I considered the things that I may be getting (won’t lie, I love me some present opening – we’ll […]