Chile and Corn Chowder & a BigKitchen Le Creuset Giveaway


Our final Soup Kitchen Monday is here! I’m kind of sad about this one, as my inner obsession with soup really made itself known during the last 13 weeks. We’re going out with a bang though! The wonderful people over at BigKitchen worked some Christmas magic, and were able to send me a beautiful Le Creuset French Oven to whip up these classic soups and stews for you while I was running the Soup Kitchen. Talk about making the holidays cherry and bright! The French Oven has pretty much replaced all of my old stock pots, except for that giant over-sized one that I use […]

Chile Colorado {Red Chile Sauce}


Yeah, this girl ain’t messing around today. Tell Bobby Flay to get his cute ass down here because I have a recipe for you that would kick his sauce lovin booty to the ground. This is one of those sauces you’re going to want to master and have in your back pocket to whip out for special occasions, social gatherings or when you are trying to show that new guy you can bring him to his knees in the kitchen (or in my case, when you feel like smack talking celebrity chefs from the safety of your own home). After […]