Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Sides


There’s a few things in life I am grateful for since this is the week of Thanksgiving we should probably talk about them. I can think of three things in particular brought up the top of my head, my two small crock-pot and in my one large one. There’s not much you can’t take on in a kitchen with three crock-pots running on high. So, the other day when Pillsbury sent me an e-mail saying they could streamline some Thanksgiving recipes by making them in the crock-pot I rewrote this week’s menu of posts, and ran to the grocery store. […]

Serenity Prayer


I am a ‘doer.’ The type of person who doesn’t wait for anything else – if something needs to change, I change it. Its an amazing ability I poses that I have learned not everyone does. Some people just don’t change things. Or change things very very slowly. So, where I have not embraced my inability to pick up the universe it and change it, I am trying to be more accepting of the things I can change. I’m currently referring them to The Things I Can Do Something About in my daily inner narration. I can not pay myself […]

Oh I get it now. Gardening is not at all like buying a bikini.


With my first actual flower popping up out of my garden I feel like I have accomplished something. Sure, all I have done so far was plant some pre-established plants from the BFs moms garden and some sunflower seeds. But hey, I’ll take it. I have spent time looking at other plants I would like to put in the garden. I have made sure to pull some nasty very very thorny weeds from the garden and keep it tidy. I water it… you know…. once a week…. >.> It’s a start. What I didn’t know from the start is that […]