Root Beer Float Popsicles


Have I mentioned on here (half a dozen times or so) that I am girly-impared? Seriously, I should get the little window hangy and everything because it is it’s own kind of sippy cup special. Now take me and put m in the 4 inch fancy heals of a maid of honor and watch me turn pail. That’s right, my step sisters getting hitched and I get to be her maid of honor. I’m excited, but I hope you all can laugh through this process of learning wedding etiquette, looking at dresses and wondering when exactly one throws a bridal shower with me.

What I have come to terms with in the few moments that my step-sister has been engaged is that bridezillas are just a product of their environment and excruciatingly dramatic levels of stress. Poor girl got a beautiful ring and now its one complicated decision after another with a million and ten opinions every which way from Sunday. I have no idea what maid of honor protocol is but I have decided that any wedding planning should be done with a fine wine from here on out!


While I digest all this maid of honor-ness, sit back and enjoy a pop with me!


  1. Tanya says

    Root beer is a favorite flavor of ours, so these will be awesome! Wedding’s are stressful, all that craziness for 1 day that fly’s by and the bride and groom are usually to busy to even enjoy it! My goal when we got married is I wanted to have a party and not go broke having one! Good luck with the Maid of Honor role, just be there for her, and yes wine is a must when planning!

  2. says

    How did you know that my favorite treat on Earth is a root-beer float? You put it in a genius and compact way that I can savor it in a less messy way! Congrats on the maid-of-honor duties… and I’m with you in the whole not-being-girly club. But try being the actual not-girly bride like I am =)

  3. says

    The root beer pops look incredible! I am SO not a wedding person – I feel you pain! Amazing pictures – just beautiful!

  4. says

    Haha funny cause last summer when I was a bridesmaid in 3 different weddings, as much as it would have been a huge honor, I had no desire to be the maid of honor for any of them. It was already a huge commitment just to be a bridesmaid! Good luck to you. As for these popsicles, you would think that with my root beer obsession I’ve be all over root beer float things. But somehow I prefer my root beer in its natural form. I’m strange.


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