Raspberry Cupcakes

I couldn’t let the whole week go by without a sweet treat!

Where I was prepared last week by having candy, Spring and Easter treats all lined up for everyone, I have totally failed for this week. I realized I have no recipes planed to use up all of those Easter supper recipes. I have a ham bone in my freezer and plan to utilize it later but after the smorgasbord on Sunday, I just had to ration my ham recipes. Don’t get my wrong, I love ham but I already had things thawing and can very quickly get overloaded by the same thing a few days in a row (… in other words I had no forethought and had already made a big pot of chili. Duh).

So please forgive me and take a cupcake instead!


Pipe and enjoy!

I made these for the bake sale at my store but they didn’t sell nearly as quickly as a cupcake with cookie dough on the inside – which was a shame because these were pretty freakin awesome. I am not a fan of jams or jellys but it really worked for this cupcake.

I am going to get through the next few days with our pup-sitting and kick my feet up and relax. See you all again on Monday.



  1. RavieNomNoms says

    Those are so so pretty! I love that you used raspberry jam. I seriously love jelly and jams they are so yummy. Gorgeous cupcakes Kita!

  2. Katie says

    I used that exact jam when I made up a recipe for raspberry cream cheese frosting. It turned out pretty excellent!


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