Peanut Butter & Jelly Chocolate Bars


Who’s got two thumbs up and is addicted to Instagram? This girl.

I know that I am like 4 years late to the party. Sue me.

When Handsome first got his smart phone, I was addicted to Angry Birds. I wanted to play with the little gadget any chance I got so we finally broke down and purchased me one of my own, and you know what? I haven’t played Angry Birds on it once. I tried Words With Friends and Sudoku and forgot about them after a few weeks. I have a twitter ap and can check my email, but my new thing? Instagram. Last week Instagram became available for those of us who have yet to purchase an iPhone and I had to have it.  Let the new time sink begin.

What I didn’t know was that not only do you post awesome pictures to your social media networks, but that Instagram is its very own network. I can scroll through pics for hours! I have yet to figure out how to do a lot of things with either my phone (did you know holding the home button brings up frequently used applications? Yeah, I didn’t either… for like a year) and Instagram, but I’m having a blast with it. One thing I have really enjoying doing (besides taking 1000 pictures of my pets every single day) is documenting the views on our mountain bike trails. I am not yet brave enough to post my RunKeeper times so pictures of lush green landscapes it is.

I’m sure my need to stop every so many miles and pull out the phone to take pictures is driving our time up and Handsome nuts as he has to pause and figure out if I crashed into another tree or if I was distracted by a butterfly, but there really are some amazing views when we are riding. Sometimes you are too busy worrying how you are going to un-clip your shoes in time to not careen down the rock covered hill to stop and notice. I’m certainly no where near good enough to be zooming by too fast not to see. There are small things, like old worn trees, and bigger ones, like the dilapidated old stone buildings covered in vines that amaze me. So, however you subscribe to someone, or even find them for that matter, on Instagram, do so! Find me – passthesushi 😉 and see my randomness through the day.





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  1. says

    I could hardly read the post because my idiot brain just wanted to the “Peanut butter and Jelly Time” song
    … and then I had to dance…


    I never thought I was a huge sweets fan, but bar cookies are becoming my new crack. another one added to the pile of have to makes.

  2. Tanya C. says

    Ok, so I am late to the party too! Had no idea we could get on for the android, downloading as we speak. Like I need another time sucker though! LOL! The bars look incredible, sure to be a hit with my family!

  3. says

    Hooray for Instagram! I just got it last week too and I am loving it! I can sit and scroll through pictures for hours…it is amazing the pictures people capture on their phones. Love it.

  4. says

    I keep saying, whenever I see a pb+jelly dessert recipe, that is just doesn’t interest me much. But the more I see them the more I am slowly convinced I need to try them.

    As for instagram? I am still smart-phone-less.

  5. says

    I just started using instagram too. I love it and am still trying to figure out all the progams features. These bars look awesome. Yum! Where do you guys ride? I’ve been looking for a trail in my area. I’m afraid of the busy roads, so I think a trail will better suit me.

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