My cat is a foodie. Rosemary Fries

My cat is a foodie. He loves vegetables. Snap the end of asparagus or green beans – he comes running, shuck corn – he’s at your feet, peel potatoes – he’s meowing at the top of his lungs. Every time I’m working with vegetables, my cat is there. Throw him a piece and he wants nothing to do with it. Unless its canned tuna, the cat really does not care what I am doing in the kitchen and he doesn’t get table scraps, so I can’t even blame his bizarre vegetable attraction on bad parenting and gluttony.


So what is it about vegetable prep work that gets him all riled up? Is there some kitchen kitty hormone that is activated only by veggies? Is my local market rolling the produce in catnip before putting it out for display? Any thoughts or opinions on this matter are appreciated. Its adorable, but it really has me perplexed.



PS I blame the insane heat on everyone who said “summer is over” just because kids went back to school. It’s your fault. Now go find a goat because mother nature requires her sacrafice so that she can build and bridge and pick a temperature that doesn’t compare to hell.

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    Oh, this post absolutely made my day! I, too have a foodie cat (well, technically he’s a timeshare cat – he lives with my parents, so I don’t get to see him very often). He is potentially the most spoiled pet this side of next millennium, and among other things, eats trifle (really. Even sherry is apparently not a deterrent), any variety of cheese he can get his paws on, is utterly in love with yogurt pots, and will even give fruit-flavoured iceblocks a go. Not that he’s actually meant to eat any of the above, but he’s quite underhanded as well as very persistent. At least your foodie cat has healthy tendencies! He is very cute, though (, if you wanted a peek!)

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