Grasshopper Cake

It’s time to go green! Party down! And get your drink on! This cake is a win for all of the above. ;) So let’s sit back unwind and enjoy some St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

 Now, on to my latest obsession…. layer cakes. Well, I’m not sure three in two weeks makes an obsession, but it sure feels like it!   


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On a completely unrelated note, the cost of first class stamps is now $0.41 cents. The look on your cats face when she somehow magically gets them stuck to her – Priceless.


  1. Oh, grasshoppper…=) What a stunning work of art! I’d like the BIG slice!

  2. This cake sounds absolutely lovely! Awesome idea.

  3. Gorgeous my friend! Lloyd would die if I made this cake for him! :)

  4. What a stunning cake, Kita! My kids would LOVE if I made this…pure heaven!

  5. Delicious and beautiful! I love making layer cakes too, though more often than not I downgrade to cupcakes to save time and hair-pulling. I love how easy you make it look to get a smooth layer of frosting!

  6. Hahaha omg please tell me you took a picture of the stamps on your cats face!? Too stinking adorable. Oh and btw, way to make me want a dessert with mint in it. That never happens.

  7. That cake looks awesome. Your frosting skills rock, the cake is so nice and smooth. I love chocolate and mint together. I see me trying this in the near future.

  8. Gorgeous! You clearly have a gift for making beautiful layer cakes! I love the Baked books, their recipes always turn out fantastic.

  9. Love, Love this cake! I don’t really like to make cakes. They never turn out pretty. Your cake, however, is beautiful!

  10. Oh cake….you are one talented lady and seeing a layer cake like this first thing in the morning makes me wish I had a bday party to look forward to :) To my knowledge, I’ve never had a cake with mint chocolate ganache or minty buttercream, so I feel like taking a bite of this would feel clean, refreshing but rich at the same time. And you’ve got it goin on with those thin mints on top!

  11. You did such a nice job!! I love the way you did it. As always your pictures are stunning. nice job!

  12. The cake looks gorgeous. Stunning photos!

  13. Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!! Beautiful, stunning shots. Goodness… I love cakes but I simply don’t have the patience to make them. Girls in my girl scout troop made theirs look more professional than I do!! Well done. And I could hear you saying “Grasshopper” as I read it!

  14. What Kim said. Tripled. Amazing. I can’t say that baking will ever be my passion, but there definitely is something that just makes you feel good after making a layer cake (especially 3 layers like this one). It’s so satisfying. That Grasshopper cake is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.

  15. Awesome and delicious looking cake with funny name! I Love it! :)

  16. Oh my! I think I just squealed out loud when I saw this – good thing nobody was home except the dogs – they won’t make fun of me right? =)

  17. Nice job on the frosting! Chocolate and peppermint are such a great combo. Perfect with a Baileys :)

  18. This cake is an absolute stunner! Pinning it… And I love all things minty and that butter cream is calling out to me! Great job with this one!

  19. Ooooo Ill take a slice, or two….
    Beautiful beautiful cake!

  20. Oh Kita, this is a lovely cake. Mint and chocolate goes so perfect.

  21. beautiful cake! i totally wish i could have a piece right now!

  22. Gorgeous cake! I’m pretty much obsessed with layer cakes too :) I just wish I had more excuses to make them! Yours sounds too good!

  23. I think this cake must be EVERY man’s dream! What a perrrfect dessert for Mister Saint Patty!

  24. Definitely a treat for everyone. I wouldn’t want to let this pass without trying in my own kitchen…

  25. Yummm… chocolate and mint.. I can think of no better combination!

  26. What a gorgeous looking cake! I’m bookmarking this recipe. The cake, buttercream and ganache all sound wonderful.

  27. oo I love mint and chocolate combo!

  28. Jessica says:

    I found your website via Pinterest and I am planning on making this cake for my husband’s birthday this weekend. I was searching for the perfect recipe for the Thin Mints I’ve been hiding in the pantry! Quick question though….I only have 2 cake pans, and your recipe calls for 3. Can I make this in 2 cake pans and just have 2 thicker layers? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jessica! I am not a pro baker by any means! I would think you could bake this in two taller cake pans and adjust the time, or bake the 2, and just wait until the pan has cooled to repeat and bake the third layer. Please let me know how it turns out!

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