Cheddar Beer Weenies and BBQ Wings

Because I’m an awesome planner (or maybe I am just a freak about my magazines), I ripped out a page in Rachael Ray October 2011 – and wrote the date on it – to share with you. As I mentioned yesterday, I know nothing about football, but RR was kind enough to have an entire page summing up the game for me. The article covers everything from the quarterback being the person who throws the ball, to the value of the touchdowns. That being said I still have no clue what an H-back is, or who the why the linebacker is watching the center if it’s the rushers job to pick on the quarterback, but hey, baby steps.

Actually, the whole darned article was about hosting you own football game. Now, I may know nothing about sports, but even I think this sounds fun. Do you and your friends still gather around outside, get dirty and play games? I love playing outside, from volley ball in the mud, mountain biking, to wiffle ball – I don’t need a clear explanation of the rules, I just like to play! I need to find some friends who aren’t to tired at the end of the day to get out and play too. Handsome and I can ride our bikes together, but it takes more than two to have an awesome game of volley ball and I’m just not the badminton type.













  1. I adore wings!! Haven’t had them in months and can’t wait!! Go PATS!

  2. I want to eat at your party. What a fantastic array of yummy, fattening, perfect food.

  3. If a linebacker isn’t keeping the center occupied, the rushers can’t get through to the quarterback because that center will block them. :) It’s really a fun game to watch until the players start doing the stupid dances and grandstanding. That’s the stuff I can’t stand. After all, where can you see such an impressive array of tight ends (believe it or not, that’s another position, not just a description) in one place.

    Anywhoooo, your chicken looks amazing. I love any sticky, tingly chicken dish like that.

  4. Love that picture of the cheesy weenies!

  5. It is too early in the morning to be craving such terrible fat-kid food as this. Mmm…stomach growling…

  6. Dude! These nibbles are perfect!

  7. These dishes look amazing. And, thanks for the magazine tip. I have a stack of foodie mags (some probably from October as well) that I will start ripping up and labeling for later posts. (I appreciated the football tips, too!)

  8. I am all over those weenies.

  9. Great snacks – – even if you don’t get the game ( and neither do I … it’s been explained to me a million times, and I still don’t get it) you’d throw the perfect superbowl party with these little goodies.

  10. Dang girl, I want to come to your house for a party! These snacks look amazing!

    I have a giveaway going on you might be interested in!

  11. OHHHHHH LORDY! The wings look fabulous! I’m a new fan of wings and I think I’ll be making these for the super bowl fo sho!

  12. Ohh I especially love your rubs for BBQ wings! It looks wonderful and I know my family will enjoy that flavor. I am not a big football fan, but we have supwerbowl party to attend, and it’s potluck, I think everyone will enjoy this wing recipe. It looks really delicious!

  13. I am beyond tempted by the cheddar beer weenies – very new to me, but it sounds perfectly indulgent :)


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