Caramel Apple Cake

I went and did it. I’ve broken every one of my seasonal rules that keep me from getting to far ahead of myself (or like I will be in early to mid November) too excited about the upcoming season and events. I have rules about not changing the candles in the house from sunshine and buttercups to pumpkins and leaves. Rules about not wearing boots and making sure to get every moment of flip flop wearing weather in. Rules about not decorating, not fantasizing, certainly not shopping, and not cooking out of season.

But I went and did it. The first whiff of ‘autumn orgasm’ from those wretched scent stores drug me in, the over abundance of apples and squashes at the market called to me, and the abnormal rainy, cold or otherwise gray weather for my area just sent it all over the top.

Plug-ins were changed, soaps stashed until next spring, cute flats brought out and dusted off (still holding out for the boots), candy corn on the counter and worst of all autumn like baking was being had.

This isn’t a huge deal, as by the time I post this it will only be a few more days until the official start of fall, but to be honest, I was saving it because I baked it a while ago…. Shame on me.

*In case you may not have noticed, this cake – with all of its caramel greatness – was a bit of a hot mess for me. I recommend using a plate with a slight dome in the center, not a flat cake plate to catch all of the caramel gooeyness and save yourself some bitching clean up. Or you can live life on the edge like me.



  1. I’m just starting to get into fall (mostly because it’s been so cloudy and rainy here), this would be the perfect way to kick off the season. I always get the caramel apple drink from starbucks to welcome me to fall!

  2. This cake looks amazing!!! Love caramel and apples together anytime! I could dig right in.

  3. Kita, I can totally identify with the need to cling to summer. However, I’d be tempted to embrace Autumn as you describe it so beautifully. Caramel and Apples are such a perfect combo for this gorgeous gooey cake.

  4. The cake looks amazing! I love the dripping caramel. Beautiful photos!

  5. look how awesomely gooey that cake is!!! yes!!

  6. Congrats on making Top 9. This cake looks so beautiful and delicious. I will be making this soon.

  7. INCREDIBLE! gorgeous cake, stunning photos and amazing presentation!

  8. OMG Kita that picture is just amazing, the sticky caramel drips are totally lickable definitely worth the premature infatuation!! Congrats on Top 9!!

  9. Ok I just saw this…how did I miss this? Holy shmoly! This is intense! Its gorgeous! Who did you serve this to? OMG I must do this!

  10. OMG..this cake look absolutely PERFECT!!!

  11. Just seen this in top9 and can’t believe I missed this. No wonder it’s up there: cruelty on the screen when you just want to leap out and lick the overhanging caramel. Absolutely fantastic. Now you’re making me get into this Autumn lark. No pumpkins in the shops yet here but can feel it coming. In the time it’s going to take to catch that caramel.

  12. Congrats on Foodbuzz top 9!

  13. Kita,
    This cake is outstanding, and I love the caramel drips on the plate. Today is the First day of Fall, so now I can bake apple desserts:)

  14. Holy crap! That first picture is to die for!! This is definitely a keeper!

  15. Oh, that looks amazing. I’m always a fan of apples and caramel. :)

  16. Now that is just sinful and wicked, and I love it! Congrats on Top 9!

  17. Fantastic! That is so tempting. It got a luscious, gooey feature which makes me crave for it.

  18. Living life on the edge gets you to top 9! Congrats! Look at all that ooey gooey yumminess!

  19. I thought I was the only one who did the candle change thing. I always have ocean type scents in my house except from fall to through Christmas. Then its cinnamon/pumpkin or piny/woodsy. My fall winter food is Soups/Stews. It’s still in the 80’s here in NC but my brain (and tummy) is in overdrive as too what soup I am going to make first!

  20. Oh MY! This is the most decadent and gorgeous cake I have ever seen!!! I love all your pictures too, they make me want to reach out and grab a slice through the screen! Such a great post!!!

  21. Autumn orgasm, tee hee! I know what you mean, I’m so excited that autumn is here… so many amazing harvest foods to play with! I wonder if you could sub honey for the corn syrup? That would make this a great dessert for Rosh Hashanah. (apples + honey = RH symbolism)

  22. That looks so sticky and amazing !!!! Stunning photos

  23. Oh wow… I love all of the caramel dripping everywhere. I have been doing a lot of fall baking around here too, the changing seasons are always so tempting!

  24. Holy melty caramel goodness. Boy oh boy does this have me ready to buy some apples at the Farmer’s market on Saturday. Thanks for sharing. This looks amazing!

  25. Oh YUM!! Kita this cake is GORGEOUS! Someone actually sent me this recipe a while back, suggesting I make it for my blog. I never got around to it though. May still have to try it!! By the way – I too have given in to Autumn fever. Despite the humid & 78-degree weather here I’ve (gasp!) even worn BOOTS! Hahaha ohhh yeah, it’s a sickness.

  26. As I scroll through my unloved inbox I find myself clicking on all your recipes! I’m literally jealous of this cake…that’s right, it looks that good. This is one of the best food pics I’ve seen in a long time!

  27. This is so incredibly beautiful! I love the whole apple on top and beautiful caramel sauce dripping down. Well done!

  28. WOWOWOW! That looks just ridiculously good!


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