Broiled Caprese Salad

Broiled Caprese Salad from
They aren’t all pretty. They aren’t all supposed to be. Mom’s tuna noodle casserole isn’t photogenic, but sometimes it hits the spot. Same for meatloaf. Yeah, try to gussy that up for a great food photography shot without using some hairspray. Other wise, it’s a brown lump of meat with some red smeared on top. But damn, it’s delicious.

This Caprese salad did not turn out catwalk ready like I had envisioned it. But that doesn’t matter because it was amazing. I even ate tomatoes. Strait up. And didn’t try to pick around them (mainly because it was darned impossible). So serve this simple and quick recipe at your next shebang the way it is prepared here, or leave out the broiling – so that everything remains a little more photo friendly.

As for the GIANT beautiful red KitchenAid food processor that made the vinagrette a breeze – it’s amazballs. I should have reviewed this eons ago. And even have a delicious recipe created, developed, photographed and devoured  but it went on the list of not pretty enough for PtS (I’m not even going to tell you how often that happens). Add scallops to that list of things that I can’t photograph, right up next to cauliflower. I wasn’t sure how I could speak fondly of the new food processor, since my little trusty one seemed to work so much better and the larger one just wans’t doing it’s job of making tiny bits of everything. Then I realized it was operator error (derrr) and I needed to push the blade down until it clicked into position instead of just popping it in. Well, here’s to reading manuals. I love the giant turbo charged engine and the moment I assembled it properly, it worked like the champ that I knew it was destine to be. The vinaigrette took all of 11 seconds to make.

Broiled Caprese Salad from PasstheSushi.comBroiled Caprese Salad from


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