Breakfast Burgers & Bloody Marys

Men, I have a question for you. What did women do that every time you try to compliment a member of the other sex, you have to follow it up with a long explanation or apology? Now, I’m not talking those sleazy low brow attempts that I get while trying to check out at the market. I’m talking about genuine compliments.

Today, a male client of mine asked if I lost weight then immediately started to explain that I hadn’t needed to lose weight and wasn’t fat before. This explanation turned into a 5 minute apology, all before I had uttered a word.

So what gives? Have years of female empowerment ruined any innocent comment from ever just passing by in conversation? Or do ladies whip out a shank in self defense any time a man pays them a bit more attention? I’ll leave it at that and let you chime in.





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  1. says

    The burgers look divine, especially with the fried egg on top…I mean, not that the burger needed the egg to look scrumptious because the burger is beautiful in its own right, and not that the burger needed all of the seasoning because the burger is delicious on its own, and it certainly didn’t need the bun to be beautiful…oh FML.

  2. Mike Wascher says

    Somebody from the corporate world I presume? Corporations are so frightened of getting sued by any minority that they go overboard.

    At a former employer, long long ago I was accused of sexual harassment, anonymously, by a third party. A friend was planning her wedding, had a last-minute problem. I gave her a hug, invited her & her fiance to dinner that night so the four of us could brainstorm. Our department manager wrote it up, didn’t even bother to ask either me or Deb.Fortunately, it ended up in Deb’s inbox to type. Deb had more balls than our boss, gave him hell, told the female engineer who made the complaint hell, told them both to mind her own business, and then told me about it.

    Had it been submitted to HR it’d have been presumed guilty until proven innocent, it’d be on my record forever, and even if completely cleared there’d always be a bit of doubt cast on my record.

    So yes, if you are a white male you can get a bit paranoid!

  3. says

    I’m not too big a fan of bloody mary’s, but this burger I’m ALL about! Everything about it is making me drool with desire right now. Damn you and you’re super powers =)

  4. says

    My all-time favorite burger is one with a fried egg. Oh heavens, is it amazing. We have a joint in Cleveland where they have a breakfast burger quite similiar to yours and instead of a hamburger bun, they use an english muffin. Anyway you slice it or pile it, a burger with bacon and eggs is out of this world.

  5. says

    It’s a good thing you lost weight so you could gain it back with that burger….wowser! Looks wonderful, breakfast for dinner, dinner for breakfast no rules, love it.

  6. says

    I love you for putting a fried egg on top!! My all time favorite burger add on and not many places will do it. Wait I don’t love you love you, like love. I just meant I loved you and the egg on the burger and the cheese…and love is a special bond between two people…..
    must shut up now 😉

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