Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie

There’s been a lot going on for the last few weeks in the world. For my part, and many not so far away from me, a lot of the busyness has been dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. In my neighborhood, we got lucky. Really lucky. My boyfriend only had to help his grandparents with some flooding.

Other parts were not so lucky and many are still displaced from their homes and in need of a helping hand. I have teamed up with several other great bloggers across the internet to help bring more awareness and maybe even some donations to the Red Cross with out posts and #WeCare. We are encouraging other bloggers to grab our button and with us and support in any way they can.

We decided we should feature recipes that were comforting and down home. Well, that is kind of my thing, and since I already had this pie planned (Pie month!), it was an easy fit.  Personally, I may have added just a bit more chocolate than called for just to make it that much more ‘comforting’. 😉


I tested out a suggestion from one of my readers to add vodka to the crust. Really, you don’t need to twist my arm to get my to add liquor to anything. Since I am so new to pie dough, I can’t say for certain that it added any extra umphf to the crust, however, this thick and pretty gooey pie did keep a firm and flaky crust for 4 days. There were no pecan halves in my market when I went (there wasn’t much of anything as it was the night before Sandy hit – but who would have thought pecan halves would go?), so I made due with chopped pecans. Other then ascetics, it doesn’t make one bit of difference as I could tell.

If you are not one for fruit pies, this would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving or holiday menus.


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    Perfect comfort food! I’m so glad you’re all OK…and that you’re help spreading the word to donate to the Red Cross! Such a marvelous badge you’ve created…hope to find it all over the web after today!!!

  2. says

    Kita, this boozy pie sounds incredible! Love the extra chocolate, too. :)

    Thanks for creating the badge!! I am so glad that we could all be a part of this. Hope you are feeling better! xo

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    This pie sounds absolutely decadent and wonderful – thanks so much for sharing some great ways to help out victims of Hurricane Sandy, and glad to hear your neighborhood is ok!

  4. says

    adding chocolate to a pecan pie is just genius.

    hmm, I’m interested in the vodka in the pie crust – is it supposed to keep it flaky and “crusty” longer, rather than getting soggy?


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