Apple Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

You know what doesn’t make for fun food blogging? A week of rainy weather. :( It’s been so dark every day that no picture is even worth taking. We got lucky though, I haven’t seen any really bad flooding or damage from the rain like a lot of places I am hearing about.


Last night I decided to try to cook with my father. Yeah, that’s right, I was feeling like a kamikaze dive bomber. I love my daddy – and we both love to cook – but if you put the two of us alone in a room together for more than 5 minutes, it’s mortal combat. Last night wasn’t so bad and we both agreed that we would like to try to make it a weekly event – after the fishing season. Hopefully, it results in daddy daughter bonding time and not Bruce Willis being dropped in by helicopter guns blazing.



I used a simple confectioner sugar glaze as we aren’t huge fans of fruit in my household. These smelled great, the apple wasn’t over powering and overall made a nice breakfast treat.


As hindsight is 20/20, in the future I will be looking at the oval all time of a project before deciding on which one I will make on Daddy/Daughter night. This was a long project for a weeknight an required a lot of clean up – but worth it. :) Enjoy!





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    Looks gooooood.

    I’m afraid of yeast, like afraid of it. I always feel like it won’t work for me, and I’ll have to throw away the batch.

    I need supervision!

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    Oooh! Glad you re-foodbuzzed this cause I missed it the first time around. These look delish! I’m so jealous of your daddy time :( Wish I was closer to mine!

    By the way, you’re probably the ONLY person that will appreciate our Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox costumes from last year that I just put in my newest post. LONG LIVE FABLES!

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    Oh wow, those are really beautiful! I think I can ALMOST smell them through the screen! It’s times like these when I really with I had scent-ernet! :)
    PS I’m having my first ever giveaway today. Come check it out! :)

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    What a great idea to put a cinnamon roll into a cupcake liner. Genius! Looks so good Kita. I like cooking with my Daddy too, has a very limited range but he is fun hehe

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    These look amazing and I’m glad you were able to bond with your father without destroying the kitchen! :o) I look forward to this becoming a new series!

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    I hate how weeknight nights are so short. My dad and I enjoy being in the kitchen together. Your experience seems similar to what I have with my mom. It works…some of the time. These little sweet treats look delicious. I love the cinnamon roll idea in an individual cup. Super cute!


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