Well, I finally went ahead and made a facebook page for Pass the Sushi... I kind of feel like a tool (but as it seems to be doing the girls at SiTs some good, hopefully it does for me too). Please check it out on the sidebar.

Now, on to your regularly scheduled post.

My boyfriend has some very simple rules when it comes to the kitchen.

  • I get to do whatever I want, as long as we have mac and cheese once a week.
  • Carbohydrates are a must. Any form of pasta and bread at the table every night - hells yeah.
  • 9 billion calories, who gives a sh*t.
  • You can try to use onions, peppers, carrots - in the teeniest tiniest form possible and still find them neatly piled to one side of the plate at the end of the meal.
  • He is the grill master. There can be only one.
  • Iceberg lettuce does not exist in our kitchen. Fresh spinach or bust.
  • If you think you have made enough to feed a small army, you probably didn't make enough.

Other then that, things are pretty simple in our kitchen. Last night he was in charge of cooking so he made one of his signature dishes, bacon wrapped cheese stuffed grilled chicken. Not sure there's a way to shorten that title, but at least its pretty self explanatory.

Its nice to know that every now and then (especially when I work late) I can leave the kitchen in his hands and dinner wont be a disappointment. Heck, it will actually be pretty good. 🙂

“My name is Floppy the frog. I pre­vent for­est fires.” :) My new gar­den buddy. You may put him in a jar with a stick so as to recre­ate his nat­ural habitat.


  1. I would so make a facebook page but a) I have yet to make my own domain/appropriate title for my blog and b) there are many people on my FB that I do NOT want knowing about my blog.

    OMG your boyfriend's meal looks delicious! I need to find myself a guy who knows how to cook, since my last two had no idea lol.

  2. mangiabella says:

    great post! we have similar rules at our house - lol - found u via blog flow 🙂 just signed up on your FB page and blog 🙂 would love to have you follow me at mangia-bella.blogspot.com - have a great day, mangia!

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