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Peeps Gone Wild

Peeps are everywhere you look this time of the year. They are sweet, sticky marshmallow candies with a colored sugar coating, and I have some wild ideas of how to use them this Easter.

As you walk through any market, you know spring has sprung on February 15th, when the aisles are packed with the brightly colored gifts brought to children everywhere by the their fluffy neighborhood Easter bunny. One of these treats (ok, like tons of these treats) I grew up finding in every Easter basket, year after year with little change – but there is one that sticks out to me. The only candy that tastes better a week after you’ve opened the package. Marshmallow Peeps.

Let me be frank, I don’t care for Peeps. They actually freak me out. Their sugary coating, mushy texture, weird extra sticky insides and the overly sweet finished product is not my cup of tea. And every year, my Easter basket will be overflowing with these little pastel puffs of fluff.

Where I may never enjoy eating a Peep, the bizarre texture and elasticity of the peep does lend itself to experimentation (and let me just say, the more you play with peeps the more you will let your imagination wander).

This post in my mind was going to be glorious. I had visions of flames. Peeps on fire. Chariots. Horse drawn carriages. Ridiculousness galore…. Didn’t happen (there’s always next year). So until then, enjoy what I have for ya.

Chocolate Dipped Sprinkley Peeps

Dip the Peep booty in some melted milk chocolate and then into a little bath of sprinkles. Ta-da!

Peep Pops

Dip that peep in some leftover chocolate (if you’re feeling wild and crazy) and stick a stick up its… you know. Poof. Peep pop.

Chocolate Coated Peeps

Oh, now we’re living on the edge. Dip that entire sucker in a chocolate bath. I should warn you: you’ll most likely lose the back to your wire dipping tool and wonder what that sticky crap is all over your shirt and hair when you look up from this one.

Peep Smores

Place your peep on a long stick over an open flame. Don’t be alarmed when the sugary outer coating catches on fire and goes up in flames.

(here’s where the fire should be. Use your imaginations with me… Oh yeah… Fire. Damned rain.)

Slide melty peep in between two graham crackers. Enjoy!


Peep Jousting

Gather your brave heroes from either side of town – or in this case, dueling empire of Peep packaging.

We have Finely Feathered Violet VS. Wingless Wonder Blue, equipped with the most effective and vile weapon in the peep jousting armory, the toothpick.

Place your bets and gather round the cancer machine.

There can be only one.

And Violet is the winner! (I know, my money was on Blue too).

And for the finale,

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These two are the instigators to this whole peep-ocide. They mocked me from afar for days.

The deep fried Peeps.

Wrap a dissected Peep in a wonton wrapper and fry on high.

You know what happens when you put a peep in a deep fryer? NOTHING. Sad sad panda.

Ok, not true. Rather creepily, their eyes melt off. Ew.

Wrap that sucker in a wonton wrapper and and into the deep fryer and they pretty much disintegrate. Apparently, the wonton wrapper is the key to the magic on that one, but don’t be sad if you wind up with lots and lots of air filled fried puffs with no melted peep tragedy on this inside. Only a few of mine made it to finished product successfully, but heck, you probably have like 99 peeps laying about this time of year so fry away.

No Peeps were harmed in the making of this post.


Angela FRS

Tuesday 10th of May 2011

I know I am late to the game, but I LOVE this post. Awesome.

A little bit of everything

Monday 2nd of May 2011

your peeps made my night. I was a little tired but after laughing for 10 minutes I feel much better. I never ate peeps, there's something creepy about them LOL


Sunday 24th of April 2011

This was so awesome. My favorite are the jousting peeps! :)


Thursday 21st of April 2011

Dang, I wanted to see the peeps on fire. Actually I thought they might catch fire in the microwave, who know what is actually in them. LOL So cute, love your sense of humor. Hope you have a great Easter. -Gina-


Wednesday 20th of April 2011

This great! I am having a special sunday Easter Linky buffet Any Easter recipe accepted no limit to what you like to submit. I am taking submissions till saturday, your welcome to post this!