It’s not even January first and I am already feeling overwhelmed by my New Years resolutions. There’s a list of things as a person I need to accomplish. Working out, getting fit, cooking more, blogging on all of my blogs more, updating my portfolio more, go to school, make more money. Those kinds of things. And then there are things as a person in a relationship I need to accomplish. For example, every wall in my boyfriends house needs a new paint job. He’s a contractor, so the last thing he wants to do when he gets home from working all day is more of the same. But I need progression. So for that list, we’ll see who wins.

For Pass the Sushi, and my world as a cook, what do New Years resolutions mean? Well, I still cook. I still make yummy food almost every night in a week. I just don’t blog it. So this year, the goal is as follows – go through my mountain of cook books and try two NEW recipes every week – and then post them. Besides the fact that I love tacos and spaghetti and that I could eat a version of red meat every night and never grow tired of it, variety is indeed the spice of life. We too often revert to the same meals over and over again, eventually becoming burned out on them. This year I am going to expand my culinary knowledge, my pallet and my love for cooking. Or Ill be like the 80% of Americans who don’t keep their resolutions going for much more then two weeks into the new year.

I read a statistic though that says once you write your goals down you become more likely to achieve them.

Here’s to writing it down. I guess we’ll find out next week what comes of it.

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