Black and White Irish Cream Cupcakes

Irish Cream Cupcakes

As far as cooking goes, St. Patty’s day may just be my favorite day of the year. I mean really – I get to play with beer and Irish Cream and whiskey! And where that may be normal for me for the week of St. Patrick’s Day on the blog, you can’t judge me ;D It’s an excuse for me to go to the liquor store and purchase fancy beers that I know nothing about, skip merrily down the aisles restocking the whiskey supply and make fun of the college kids that are laid out on the street by 9:30 […]

Triple Layer Chocolate Mousse Pie

Simple Tart Dough

Pie Month. It came. It went. And I’m terribly sad to see it go. I took on pie month as a challenge to myself to conquer pie dough. And conquer I did. There was a double crust with shortening A traditional dough, replacing the water with vodka for a flaky crust. One from the pros at Cook’s Illustrated, with a touch of cinnamon, rolled in graham cracker crumbs. A quick puff pastry that makes me believe I may never need store bought again. And finally today’s simple tart recipe that was flaky, butter, and hands down my favorite of the bunch. This one will be my […]

Cosmic Brownies: A return to school


Ever noticed as a kid, summer lasts forever. Fooooor.Evvvv.Eeer. Time ticked by slowly even though your days were filled with sunshine and laughter. The occasional family trip felt like days even though it was really only an afternoon. And you couldn’t wait for school to start to see all of your friends and show off that new 101 Dalmatians side slung backpack you scooped up. Ok, that last one was probably just me, and only in the second grade. Once. I swear. Now, it seems like summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye and I didn’t even get the awesome […]