Smørrebrød {Open Face Fish Sandwich} a Secret Recipe


It’s time for another round of Secret Recipe Club, and this time I am kind of letting loose. It has been a few months since you have seen a Secret Recipe Club post on here, mainly because I realized December was a busy month and with all of my personal plans, plus things I wanted to have on my blog, there wasn’t enough time to devote to another persons blog to make a good SRC post. And that’s what I want to talk about today. Good SRC posts. Secret Recipe Club is a really neat idea for food bloggers, an opportunity to […]

Easy Cheese Danish


Sure, once in a great while I may be selfish and cook something I know Handsome won’t touch with a ten foot pole, but sometimes I see a recipe that’s all for him and I rush to the kitchen to make it. He works all day (usually outside on the hottest days or up on a roof in the coldest) and doesn’t always stop to eat anything nutritious so dinners at night aren’t about the blog, they are about feeding him well to make up for the long day. In the morning we both don’t often stop for breakfast but […]

Weekend Rodeo Round-up and Ina Garten’s Cheese Danish


I wore a white shirt today. I should have known better…   To sum up my weekend – I didn’t fall off a horse, the BF”s dog LOVES fireworks, and there was no blood shed or tears. Skim down to the recipe if you don’t feel like reading the elongated version of the note posted above.   This weekend my family went horseback riding. It was actually a lot of fun and the first family activity that wasn’t a BBQ that I can remember. I had only been on a horse once before as a small child at day camp […]